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Chronic diseases have their roots in childhood and negative thoughts cause chronic diseases, because they create an imbalance in the physiological energy system. Knowing this, one can influence certain traits and emotions in children that would prevent the diseases. So let’s take some of the major organs and see which emotions will protect which organ:


Early indications: Over excitement, timidity, cowardice, self-centeredness, compulsive deceit, lying,  etc.

How to overcome: Why do we use the term ‘braveheart’? By inference, development of qualities like courage, honesty, conviction, forthrightness and empathy for others will prevent chronic heart diseases. Group activities that compel children to socialise and interact more should be encouraged, especially outdoor games and sports.


Early indications: Depression/grief due to personal loss, lack of willpower, lethargy.

How to overcome: The lungs need space, literally! Why do we say, “Chest puffed up with pride?” These may be old fashioned terminologies but there is a science behind the words. Self confidence manifests in the form of an expanded chest and a straight-spine posture. Activities that will give a child a sense of pride or a feeling of achievement will be the best way to prevent chronic respiratory diseases like dramatics, elocution, sports, etc. Get a pet dog or cat for the child and see the miraculous recovery.


Early indications: Unjustifiable anger, jealousy, irritability, frustration, resentment, migraines, muscular tension, undue stress, etc.

How to overcome: Activities like art, pottery, sculpting, music, will teach the child qualities like patience and will channelise the mind towards positive emotions.


Early indications: Extreme nervousness due to fear or shock, problem with retention of urine.

How to overcome: There is always a particular cause behind the child’s fears. Get to the root cause of that fear and remove the child from its vicinity; whether the fear is caused by a person or thing. Let the child learn safety, self-preservation, valour, and calmness through games and role play.

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What is the least common denominator in the ways to overcome chronic diseases? Children need to be taught how to relax, learn to socialise without feeling stressed out, and must develop an activity that prevents negative emotions.

Two most effective activities are yoga and Zen art:

Yoga – Pranayama (breathing exercises) and simple asanas that improve blood circulation and keep the chakras well balanced;

Zen art – The peacemaking effect of Zen art is unquestionably accurate.

It is true that negative thoughts cause chronic diseases. Hence, it becomes very important to channelise a child’s mind towards positive thoughts and actions. This is not only good for the mental well being of the child, but will also keep the internal organs healthy.

Take care and God bless…



Top 5 Trending Fitness Programs


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Today fitness programs are not restricted to just losing weight. The reasons for selecting a particular program would depend on the person’s requirements. The most popular ones in the year 2016 are:

  1. Gym – The most common reason for joining a gym are slimming and body sculpting. With specific exercise routine and an appropriate diet regime, trainers can get you into shape in a matter of months. This makes it the best choice for sports persons or those connected with television and showbiz. But there are special fitness sessions for older adults just to remain healthy.
  2. Yoga – This is the most popular form of fitness activity. The asanas (exercises) and pranayam (breathing techniques) help all age groups. Some asanas improve retentive power and concentration.
  3. These are especially useful for children. Personality development is another good effect of fitness program. Adults can benefit by improving self control, mental endurance, and develop a positive attitude in life. It prevents health issues as well as to cures them. You have plenty of options like Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Bikram.
  4. Dance – When you want to lose weight, develop speed and agility, and enjoy at the same time dance is the best idea. No shortage of choices there. Currently, Zumba and Salsa are in. These forms appeal to most age groups and any gender. If you want to focus on abs belly dancing is a brilliant choice. Body sculpting happens automatically while you are having fun.
  5. Martial arts – This is serious business! Martial art as a fitness program needs dedication. There are many forms like Aikido or Karate, western boxing or kickboxing, swordsmanship or archery which are popular today. Every martial art requires years of exercises and practice to build physical and mental endurance, speed and agility, alertness and quick response, etc. The main goal of this type of fitness program is self defence. But it is also a stress reliever, as you can get rid of all the pent up tension during your practice sessions. You don’t need to worry about a separate routine for slimming. Martial art does it all.
  6. Pilates – This involves proper breathing techniques, muscle control, endurance, concentration, mobility of joints, and flexibility. Some exercises focus on cardio. In short, Pilates is an all-in-one fitness program. It builds up stamina in a slow and controlled manner.

Popularity of wearable fitness monitors

Wristwatches that track your exercise routine are an inseparable part of your fitness program. The sensors in the watches monitor your heart rate, sleep cycles, breathlessness, etc. They also give a status report and tell you if you are cheating.

A plethora of wearable trackers are available at affordable prices. The Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone4 series and later models. There are innumerable watches like the Garmin Forerunner or Fitbit One that co-ordinate well with Android mobile phones.

Whether you select one of the trending fitness programs or an easier alternative, the key to a healthier “you” lies in dedication and persistence.