Stress Buster Artistic Hobbies For Women Of 40 Plus

Art 1 collage

One doesn’t have to be a Barbara Kruger or Eileen Agar to indulge in art. At 40plus, most women experience additional stress caused by hormonal changes. If neglected, this could lead to other health issues like hypertension or diabetes, obesity, etc. To prevent this downward trend, here are some interesting ideas in stress buster artistic hobbies for women of 40+:

Sketching – Pencil drawing is one of the easiest artwork to try. This hobby requires very little investment. Purchase a few sheets of white A-4 size paper and a couple of pencils, erasers and pencil-sharpener. Google search for images of pencil sketches. Try out a few at weekends. Once you have a steady hand and can get the shapes right, you can purchase different pencils for different shading.

Painting – Watercolours, a few brushes and paper is all you will need. Paint brushes of varying sizes are available so you can pick a few as your hobby develops into a regular pastime. From scenery to modernistic, you can paint to your heart’s content. This is one of the best stress buster artistic hobbies and is for your own pleasure.

MosaicMaterials for mosaic include marbles and/or glass pieces, adhesive and cutters. Like most other artistic hobbies, you can give a full reign to your imagination and create beautiful mosaic designs. Here’s a great idea – try out mosaic art on tiles. These can be glued to decorate bare walls, entrances, doors, bathrooms, or just used as a decorative.

Crochet – Where is the art in needlework? Of course there is! You can make the most artistic lace with a crochet hook and fine thread. The size of a crochet needle will depend on the thickness of the thread you are using is. Before buying, check out what size needles you really need.

Bead weaving – Design your own jewellery by stringing coloured beads on nylon twine. Once you have got the hang of it, make mobile covers, clutch bags, handbags, etc – the choice is unlimited.

Artistic hobbies are just what we need to pass the time on boring weekends. These ideas of stress buster artistic hobbies are cheap and do not involve vigorous physical effort. They are easy to learn and easy to sustain over a long period. Be creative…