fitness 1

How many of us have started with a fitness schedule with real determination and then left off halfway through? This is a very common scene and very few really make it a part of their daily routine. I too went through this phase of starting-stopping-starting-stopping…till I realised I was cheating myself. One day I decided to make a list of what would give me the impetus to continue. These are the 6 ways to stay motivated towards fitness which I found most helpful:


fitness goal

No one travels without a destination. This is applicable not just to travel but to life itself. It is all the more necessary to set some target when you decide to take up a fitness program. Set a target of losing maybe one or two pounds per week.

Start with a few simple yoga exercises, especially pranayam (breathing exercises). Then add one exercise each week, like crunches, sit ups, weights, push ups, etc till you feel you have a good one hour’s schedule.


fitness 2

Monotony will lead to boredom. That’s the most dangerous stage when you are on the brink of stopping your routine for the nth time. Divide your week into days when you focus on different aspects of the routine, for example:

Monday – 1 kilometer walk + pranayam;

Tuesday – Crunches + stretches + pranayam;

Wednesday – Cycling + weights + pranayam;

and so on…

Saturday – It’s Zumba time! Put on some fast music and dance till you have sweated out most of the toxins. Half an hour will be just fine for the purpose.

Sunday – No exercises. Give your body a break. It’s time to shampoo your hair, look gorgeous and have fun.

Stick to the routine you have chalked out as far as possible, but don’t let boredom set in. If necessary, remodel it.


fitness 3

It is very essential to be completely comfy while doing exercises. Wear your loosest Ts and track pants so that your movements are free and without restriction. I am not telling you anything new, I know! But how many of us have stopped exercising using the excuse, “I don’t have anything suitable to wear during a workout!” Any excuse is good enough when you are unmotivated. So stop looking for escape routes and get yourself a new sexy tracksuit.


fitness tracker

Many wearable fitness trackers are available at affordable prices. You can get a tracker compatible with either Android based or iOS mobile phones. Trackers basically record surges of movement and heart rate via algorithms, especially in intense workouts.

If you sincerely log-in your daily diet the tracker will also give a report on what is or is-not working for you. See the report every Sunday and decide what changes you need to make in your diet.


fitness 4

If you find it difficult to sustain, tell a friend to track your progress. If you are slacking or cheating on your diet, it is definitely going to show in your weight and shape! Your friend can double up as a tracker-cum-motivator so that you don’t give up all over again! Who knows? It may happen that while helping you to keep fit, your friend will end up being fitter than before.


Sometimes when we do things to please ourselves, after the initial excitement of doing something new the motivation wares off. So decide that you are going to lose weight for someone else – your partner maybe. A new slim, fit and gorgeous “you” will surely bring back the old spark in your relationship. Keep that as your intent and work towards it. I am gearing up to look great at my daughter’s wedding at the end of this year. So what is your intent?

No two people will find the exact same fitness program easy. Each one’s requirement and capacity of fitness is different. Also, there is no guarantee that the rate at which the workout has effect is the same in two different people so don’t compare your progress with someone else. Every time you make even the smallest effort to workout you are moving that much closer to your goal. Push harder and stay motivated towards fitness.


slim woman

How many women of 40plus can devote special time for exercise? And who doesn’t want a slim and fit body? At 40+ lifestyle disease like heart, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, etc are slowly rearing their heads. Exercises help to increase stamina, remain fit and slim, improve metabolism and increase endurance. So here are useful ideas of household chores cum fitness program.



Walking in the morning fresh air for half an hour each day is an excellent idea. But most weekday mornings go in cooking breakfast and rushing to work. At weekends there is the week’s laundry, cleaning and many more tasks. So this is what you can do:

First have a glass of your favourite fruit juice for energy. While cooking breakfast you need to go across the room for pans and ladles, food items, spices, dishes and spoons. All these are not kept in the same space.

While you go around the kitchen collecting the necessary stuff, instead of just walking, jump as if you are skipping without a rope. If that sounds stupid, well it is! The rest of the family will go ROFL!! But you just stick with the idea like I did and see the difference. Before long everyone at home will agree you have the slimmest body ever. Do just a few counts. You don’t want to strain the knees.


I do hope the supermarket is not too far away from your home! If it is within walking distance, then you can combine walking and weight training into one fitness routine.


This will give you overall exercise and tone the muscles of the arms while you carry provisions. Do this every alternate day or at least once a week. It will help burn calories and your cardio routine is also taken care of.



I am sure the rest of the family helps you with this task. But I suggest you keep the toughest corners of the house for yourself as a fitness gimmick. Normally you would stand and vacuum clean under couches, tables, divans, etc. Use a broom, squat and clean instead. Move across the room in the squatting position. You could do one room per day. This is the world best exercise for abs and thighs. It also strengthens the muscles around the knees.


You would normally go around the bed to straighten out the four corners of the cover. This is the best time to do the Superman back extension exercise. (see below)

back extension


Remember, it is very essential to build up muscle mass along with burning calories. Follow these ideas of household chores cum fitness program and eat a high protein diet, and you’ll be looking trim and gorgeous in a month.