Beauty And Health Benefits Of Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry 3

In Ayurveda, the Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is used extensively in medications as well as beauty products. It is very rich in Vitamin C. It has an abundance of antioxidants, Vitamin B Complex, Calcium, Carotene, Phosphorus, and many other vital nutrients. It rejuvenates us mentally and physiologically like nothing else can.

The brain and nervous system, internal organs like heart, liver, urinary system, digestive tract, reproductive organs, from hair to feet; the Indian gooseberry has the capability of healing and keeping every part of your body healthy. It is known to even prevent cancer.


Wrinkles and age spots

Amla is a powerful anti-oxidant. It controls the level of free radicals and slows down the process of ageing. It prevents wrinkles and age-related blemishes.

Hair care

Most herbal shampoos-conditioners and herbal hair oils have amla as a main ingredient because it is rich in carotene and iron. It acts as a tonic and improves the colour, thickness, texture and strength of the hair. It also prevents premature balding by keeping the hair follicles nourished.


Consuming amla has manifold benefits:


With its plentiful Vitamin A, eating amla is a wonderful idea. It improves eyesight and prevents:

  • Myopia,
  • Cataract,
  • Night blindness,
  • Macular degeneration (age related).


Amla stops accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels, thus preventing strokes and cardiac arrest. It regulates free flow of blood and keeps all the organs working optimally.


How many foodstuffs have both calcium and vitamins C and D like the Indian Gooseberry does? This calcium-rich fruit slows down degeneration of bones, teeth and nails and keeps them healthy. The vitamins help in proper absorption of calcium.

Blood sugar

The chromium content of amla improves the health of the pancreas where insulin is produced. In fact, amla should be a part of our daily diet as a preventive or curative for diabetes.

Metabolic rate

Proteins are vital for cell formation. We may consume protein-rich food, but if it is not digested and absorbed properly we feel tired, listless and we age faster. With consumption of amla you will feel a new vitality without needing tonics.

Female reproductive organs

The Indian gooseberry works like magic where the female reproductive organs are concerned:

  1. Amla prevents menstrual cramps which can be very painful,
  2. it prevents infertility and consequent depression.

Urinary tract

Amla acts as a diuretic. It increases the quantity and frequency of urination, thus

  • It gets rid of toxins,
  • Prevents water retention and bloating,
  • Moderates level of salt in the body  and prevents high blood pressure,
  • Prevents excess accumulation of uric acid.

Dietary fibre

Being a fruit, amla provides the vital bulk to keep the digestive system working in perfect condition. Many of the health problems mentioned above are an indirect result of bad digestion.


The Indian gooseberry is like an astringent and has anti-bacterial properties. Regular intake of amla prevents frequent infections and improves immunity.

Considering the numerous beauty and health benefits of Indian gooseberry, it will be worth having every day to keep us young and healthy for a long time.




sad children

Chronic diseases have their roots in childhood and negative thoughts cause chronic diseases, because they create an imbalance in the physiological energy system. Knowing this, one can influence certain traits and emotions in children that would prevent the diseases. So let’s take some of the major organs and see which emotions will protect which organ:


Early indications: Over excitement, timidity, cowardice, self-centeredness, compulsive deceit, lying,  etc.

How to overcome: Why do we use the term ‘braveheart’? By inference, development of qualities like courage, honesty, conviction, forthrightness and empathy for others will prevent chronic heart diseases. Group activities that compel children to socialise and interact more should be encouraged, especially outdoor games and sports.


Early indications: Depression/grief due to personal loss, lack of willpower, lethargy.

How to overcome: The lungs need space, literally! Why do we say, “Chest puffed up with pride?” These may be old fashioned terminologies but there is a science behind the words. Self confidence manifests in the form of an expanded chest and a straight-spine posture. Activities that will give a child a sense of pride or a feeling of achievement will be the best way to prevent chronic respiratory diseases like dramatics, elocution, sports, etc. Get a pet dog or cat for the child and see the miraculous recovery.


Early indications: Unjustifiable anger, jealousy, irritability, frustration, resentment, migraines, muscular tension, undue stress, etc.

How to overcome: Activities like art, pottery, sculpting, music, will teach the child qualities like patience and will channelise the mind towards positive emotions.


Early indications: Extreme nervousness due to fear or shock, problem with retention of urine.

How to overcome: There is always a particular cause behind the child’s fears. Get to the root cause of that fear and remove the child from its vicinity; whether the fear is caused by a person or thing. Let the child learn safety, self-preservation, valour, and calmness through games and role play.

children 1


What is the least common denominator in the ways to overcome chronic diseases? Children need to be taught how to relax, learn to socialise without feeling stressed out, and must develop an activity that prevents negative emotions.

Two most effective activities are yoga and Zen art:

Yoga – Pranayama (breathing exercises) and simple asanas that improve blood circulation and keep the chakras well balanced;

Zen art – The peacemaking effect of Zen art is unquestionably accurate.

It is true that negative thoughts cause chronic diseases. Hence, it becomes very important to channelise a child’s mind towards positive thoughts and actions. This is not only good for the mental well being of the child, but will also keep the internal organs healthy.

Take care and God bless…