Easy Sweet Potato Payasam

Very tasty and healthy sweet potato porridge or payasam


20 Minute Chocolate Cake

This is a very easy chocolate cake recipe which gets done in 20 minutes and tastes absolutely delicious.

Savory Banana Pancake – unusual breakfast fare!

  GUEST BLOGGER: NEENA VILAS TALPADE During the festive season, you often find your hands full of mithai plus fruits that are ripe at about the same time! At such time, my over-ripe bananas often end up on our breakfast table in this unusual yummy dish. You’ll know it’s tasty when you try it!! Ingredients: Ripe…

How Much Water Should You Drink As Per Ayurveda?

Do you consciously drink 2-3 litres of water per day at fixed timings? When I was told to drink plenty of water as part of my general diet I read extensively on the subject. Unlike other experts, according to Ayurveda a fixed schedule is not necessary. I asked Ayurvedic doctors the right time to drink…

How Cleaning Closets Improves Self Esteem

No, I haven’t lost it! This is a tried-and-tested theory and one which works wonders. When I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis I asked the predictable question “why me”. Strangely, the journey from self-pity to being a happy blogger started with cleaning cupboards! Here’s how cleaning closets improve self-esteem… Activity improves blood circulation The first effect of…

Cruises For Senior Citizens – Excellent Vacation Option

Why have cruises for senior citizens become so popular over the years? They offer the best accommodation and service at affordable rates, especially to senior citizens. Also, retirees have all the time on their hands to go on a slow cruise with a full gamut of fun-filled entertainment options. Companies owning cruise liners are vying with…

9 Lifestyle Changes For Acne Free Complexion

A clear complexion contributes towards better self esteem. Acne free skin therefore spells happiness. Spending exorbitant amounts on creams and lotions may/may not prevent acne. But these 9 lifestyle changes for acne free complexion will really work wonders: Get adequate sleep When you are sleeping, the skin cells have time to repair damage and regenerate….

The Driving Force

GUEST BLOGGER: NEENA VILAS TALPADE Anant Chaturdashi is over. We all witnessed the thousands that thronged to bid farewell to their favorite ‘Bappa’ at Girgaum Chowpatty seashore in Mumbai and at other water bodies all over Maharashtra. What is the driving force? The Driving Force: JOY I was wondering what draws so many people of…