Versatile Leggings And Denims – Make It Your Style Statement

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The basic reasons why women shy away from wearing skirts, shorts or dresses is because they hate the shape of their legs. But why over-compensate by wearing loose-fitting trousers most of the time. Wear the versatile leggings and denims to create your very own style statement.



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Leggings are just perfect for a trendy and stylish look. Wear them with strappy tops in summer. In the autumn season just pull on a leather or denim jacket for the chic look.


Leggings are great for western summers and tropical winters. But in the West, bring down all your denims from the top drawer of your closet to beat the chill. Wear them with panache!


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Beaches or mountains, why stress yourself? Wherever you are headed, don’t let the terrain worry you. With the versatile leggings and denims you’re ready for every kind of adventure. If you are venturing into colder regions, I warm woollen full sleeved top will make the ensemble real cool. And let’s not forget the ever-useful jacket!


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Now you want just the right blend of smart and pseudo casual. Denim jeans come to the rescue every time. With the right combo of tops and accessories, you can be either look (apparently!) very casual or very chic.


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A great pattern is just what you need for the extra zing! Add the oomph factor by wearing sexy patterned leggings. Black is the most popular colour but patterned leggings come in unlimited shades of pastels and vibrant colours. They look perfect with a top in neutral colour. If attention is the motive, attention is what you will get – and plenty of it! So go ahead and choose leggings in different colours and patterns and wow the world!


Denim capris 1

Leggings and denims are the perfect alternative for those who would rather not wear shorts. Capris will be more comfortable than ankle length jeans depending on the terrain. Alternatively, roll up the bottom of the jeans.


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Here’s an idea – wear denim jeans, a long sleeved top and wrap a scarf, stole or shawl around the head and shoulders; and you are ready to go anywhere. In any case, before you visit a place of worship, please confirm with the hotel staff whether your ensemble fits in with their local dress code.

After reading this you will never doubt that you can carry off leggings well. Trash the idea that your figure is not perfect. Just go ahead and pamper yourself with the versatile leggings and denims.


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The last time I had met my friend Rebekah, she had blemishes on her face, acne scars and the skin texture was rough. This was at her 40th birthday party! I met her again on her 41st birthday and guess what?! Her skin is as smooth as a baby’s and she looks fabulous. So I had to ask, “What’s the magic mantra, a new beauty parlour?” And her reply was, “Just almond oil.” So let’s check out why and how a woman of 40plus can become a timeless beauty with just almond oil.

BABY SMOOTH SKIN: Massaging your face with almond oil will moisturise and smooth out the skin texture. Apply the oil and leave it overnight for best results.

NATURAL CLEANSER: Removing makeup can be a headache after a late night out. Apply a little almond oil on the face and around the eyes. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Wipe it off gently with a cotton ball and even your waterproof makeup will come off easily.

DARK CIRCLES GONE: Do you always have to use foundation to mask the dark circles around the eyes? Tomorrow start applying almond oil around the eyes at bedtime. Leave it overnight and in a few weeks you will need very little corrective makeup.

REMOVES BLEMISHES: If patchy skin and blemishes have plagued you for some years, here’s almond oil to the rescue! The nutrients in the oil will remove tanning, scars and blemishes to leave behind an enviably radiant face. It removes sun tan too.

NATURAL SCRUB: Why rush to the salon and spend on a pricey scrub? Just mix a tsp of granulated sugar in a tsp of almond oil. Rub it gently on your face in a circular motion till it feels dry. Rinse it off with cool water. This will give your face a fresh glow.

SKIN TREATMENT: As it is used to treat nappy rash, almond oil is definitely good for adults as well. Hormonal changes sometimes cause skin problems like rashes, psoriasis, eczema, etc. The root cause of most of these ailments is extreme dryness of the skin, so application of the oil will keep the symptoms under control and speed up recovery.

ANTI AGEING: Loss of collagen (a protein) is the main cause of ageing. The vitamin E in the oil balances the collagen level and helps to maintain a forever-youthful skin.

ACNE PREVENTION: Whose skin in prone to acne will love almond oil. When you apply the oil on a regular basis, old acne scars will be gone and new disgusting eruptions will not occur! You are free of this problem forever.

BODY BEAUTIFUL: Almond oil is a very commonly used product by massage therapists as a beauty treatment. This protein-packed oil rejuvenates the body and gets rid of soreness, fatigue, muscle ache, arthritic pain, and many other 40plus related issues.

CROWING GLORY: Forget about thinning hair, over-fine eyebrows, almost non-existent eyelashes, or any such worries. Oil extracted from almonds is a real saviour. It protects you from the ravages of pollution, ageing, nutritional issues, stress, etc. Make it a bi-weekly practice to apply some lukewarm oil on the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes half an hour before bathing. That’s it!  And you will never need to worry about dandruff. If you leave the oil overnight and wash the next morning, that’ll produce effects sooner.

The ancient Vedic scripts extol the virtues of almonds and almond oil as natural beauty products. Almonds have antioxidant properties as they contain Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. They are also a great source of zinc and vitamins A, B, D and E which are very good for the skin and overall health. You too can be a timeless beauty with almond oil, so go ahead and try it. Enjoy life…


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Guest blogger: Neena Vilas Talpade

“My little one is in the play group this year. You know, he’s already going on Environmental Science field trips,” one of the Moms says to another, as they wait for the school van. “Thank God, he’s not just jotting down page after page of the alphabet and numbers. Today’s child has evolved many times over, through development of non academic skills. We adults need to re-invent our input in their nurture.

As parents we have to think beyond providing food, clothing, shelter and formal education. And in a child’s education we have to think beyond academics. Development of non scholastic skills begins at home and continues in the school environment.


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Self reliance: The ultimate aim of parents and educators is to empower the child towards a fruitful, joyful and successful adulthood. Some important aspects are readily imbibed at home like healthy eating, exercise through play, helping with household chores, reading, art & craft, music, etc.

Balancing academics & non academic skills: Most skills can be introduced little at a time; such that the child follows a reasonably disciplined daily routine. As they reach preteens children learn to maintain a good balance between academic prowess and non scholastic activities like sports, art, social networking, video gaming, music, etc.


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Schools also play a large role in the development of non academic skills in children. Some aspects are:

Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge have developed the concept of a “Caring Classroom”. According to this concept the children are taught qualities like empathy and emotional intelligence during the course of their formal education.

The authors believe that academic success is directly connected with emotional intelligence and should be an intrinsic part of education. Maybe that’s why Compassion Classes are so popular in schools in the USA.

Character Building: Today, schools are introducing activities that draw out qualities in children like:

  • Determination,
  • Courage,
  • Self-confidence in the face of hurdles/failures/rejection,
  • Self-control and self-correction,
  • Enthusiasm,
  • Optimism,
  • Positive thinking,
  • Generosity,
  • Gratitude,
  • Compassion and others.

These qualities are usually taught through games so that the children learn while they play.

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Interpersonal skills: A successful adult has excellent social skills like leadership qualities, effective communication, team-building, planning and organizational skills. These talents have to be inculcated from kindergarten school via different forms of day-to-day curricular and co-curricular activities.


Love is the most important quality in children. Teaching them to love themselves, other humans, and all manifestations of nature makes them positive and happy adults. Some skills include:

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Environmental awareness: Ecological Imbalance and Environmental Awareness are the buzzwords of the day. The responsibility of teaching conservation and protection of nature lies both with the family as well as schools.

Racial non-discrimination: A loving nature brings about harmony that is so essential for World Peace. In fact many crises today have their roots in this disharmony. The ability to understand and love others must be encouraged when the children are very young in order to make a positive difference.

Let’s just say then that it does not matter if some of the skills listed above seem like attitudes or cognition or perception. What really matters is that, through development of non academic skills they grow up to be loving, caring, wise, joyful and smart kids who can ‘take on the world’! And let’s not forget appreciation and thanks-giving to the Creator who makes everything happen!


**Images courtesy pixabay.




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Since you are reading this post, obviously you are a foodie and love cooking. This is second post in the series of lucrative hobbies. We have already seen how amateur photography, can become a profitable side business. If you consider cooking to be fun, then a home based catering service is the perfect way to earn a little extra on the side. But here we go one step ahead…we shall see how a hobby can turn into a full time business.



Let me tell you what Radhika, my friend did. She was working as a software engineer in a mid-cap IT company, earning a reasonably good income. She saw how most of her colleagues craved for homemade food. Living in PG accommodation and eating in restaurants day and night can really make one homesick. So she decided to start a catering service stage by stage.

Stage 1:

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Radhika spread the word among her colleagues, relations, friends and neighbours that she would take party orders at weekends for a small group of 6-12 people. Meanwhile, she also planned some menus. Since she always cooked her own meals she was able to calculate an approximate cost per person. Adding a little extra for home delivery, she arrived at a quote that was really affordable. She began experimenting with different types of cuisine and offered variety.


Meanwhile, she enrolled for culinary arts class for two hours a week. Here she learnt salad decorations and presentation of different dishes. She realised that people evaluate a dish with their eyes before they are willing to taste it. So presentation is king in the catering business.

Stage 2:

As her orders increased she needed help. Sometimes she would have multiple orders over the weekend. Some clients asked for customised dishes. Add this to her regular job; and she was obviously finding it difficult to cope with the pressure.

Easy solution – she roped in a couple of college students living nearby to help her with tedious tasks like chopping, grating, grinding, etc for a reasonable fee. They were happy to earn some pocket money and she was happy to have help. Besides, they brought in more business.

Stage 3:

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Now Radhika decided that she had a sufficiently large client-base to sustain her catering service over a long time. So she chucked her regular job and decided to go full time into catering. But party orders were still limited to weekends. So she started providing tiffins or lunch boxes on weekdays too.


Radhika was operating her catering business from home but she had a full time staff of two helpers in the kitchen and a delivery boy to carry the tiffins over to numerous clients each day. Earlier, it was just a small lucrative hobby. Now it was time for legal compliance.

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She looked up on Google and read the local **Health Department’s regulations pertaining to licenses for small businesses. One of the requirements of the Department was inspection of the place where the food is stored and cooked, and also how it was packed and delivered.

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Once she had complied with the legal requirements, it was time to focus on business expansion. Networking is another aspect that is very important when you are running your own business. So Radhika never missed a party. In fact, she did this right from the start. She attended and monitored the service at every party. In that process she met more potential clients.

The proof of her success is in the fact that she now needs a full time accountant as well! Radhika’s part time hobby of providing catering service had turned into a full-fledged small scale business. I won’t be surprised if she branches out into corporate catering. If she can do it, so can you…

**Before you decide to go full time, please remember to comply with the local government regulation pertaining to a small scale catering service.