Every colour has a certain meaning. White signifies purity, completeness and innocence. It also implies growth, peace and creativity. In the world of fashion, white and its myriad shades has always remained the most popular colour.


White outfits first came into prominence when in 1840 Queen Victoria wore a white gown on her wedding day. Ever since, wedding gowns are primarily white. Some fashion houses use pastel shades but white still remains the obvious choice of modern brides.

wedding dress 1wedding dress 2


When you want to wear something that’ll match any accessory, any occasion and at any place; then everybody’s favourite choice is white. It looks great in numerous forms:

The quintessential top

white top 1

Whether strappy or full sleeved, a white top has universal appeal. It’ll look great over casual jeans, skirts or formal trousers.

The most versatile dress

Always keep one white dress in your closet. When you are in a hurry and can’t think what to wear; pull out the dress and wear it without hesitation. It becomes a casual dress when you simple jewellery and accessories. For a different look try a beaded ethnic necklace and chunky bangles. If you can’t be bothered, the white dress will still look gorgeous without any accessories.

White is sexy

white mini dress

A white mini is just second to a black mini when you think of “sexy”. Keep one of these for a special day-long date. A pair of silver bangles, delicate pearl studs and a leather handbag is all that is required to complete this attractive picture.

Anytime T shirt

white shirt 1

We are always wearing these aren’t we? In fact, for most of us the more white T shirts we have the more we need them! They look fantastic, never become out-dated and go well with any kind of accessories.

 Indian Sari

"Don - The King Is Back" Premiere - 62nd Berlinale International Film Festival
Actress Priyanka Chopra attends the “Don – The King Is Back” Premiere during day three of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival at the Friedrichstadtpalast on February 11, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

A white sari is very popular with Indian and non-Indian women too, especially when they are attending formal dos. Here, Priyanka Chopra (the star of Quantico) looks stunning in a white net sari.

White kurti (long top)

kurti 1

Kurti or long top is the Indian equivalent of the T shirt. A white kurti is usually considered casual wear. But you can still zing it up by accessorising with silver or pearl bracelet and earrings for a special occasion.

What you wear can affect your mood. The colour white has remained a timeless fashion trend because it invokes positive thoughts and makes you feel joyful.

Versatile Leggings And Denims – Make It Your Style Statement

leggings 5

The basic reasons why women shy away from wearing skirts, shorts or dresses is because they hate the shape of their legs. But why over-compensate by wearing loose-fitting trousers most of the time. Wear the versatile leggings and denims to create your very own style statement.



Leggings 1

Leggings are just perfect for a trendy and stylish look. Wear them with strappy tops in summer. In the autumn season just pull on a leather or denim jacket for the chic look.


Leggings are great for western summers and tropical winters. But in the West, bring down all your denims from the top drawer of your closet to beat the chill. Wear them with panache!


Denim 5Denims 7

Beaches or mountains, why stress yourself? Wherever you are headed, don’t let the terrain worry you. With the versatile leggings and denims you’re ready for every kind of adventure. If you are venturing into colder regions, I warm woollen full sleeved top will make the ensemble real cool. And let’s not forget the ever-useful jacket!


Denim 6

Now you want just the right blend of smart and pseudo casual. Denim jeans come to the rescue every time. With the right combo of tops and accessories, you can be either look (apparently!) very casual or very chic.


leggings 4

A great pattern is just what you need for the extra zing! Add the oomph factor by wearing sexy patterned leggings. Black is the most popular colour but patterned leggings come in unlimited shades of pastels and vibrant colours. They look perfect with a top in neutral colour. If attention is the motive, attention is what you will get – and plenty of it! So go ahead and choose leggings in different colours and patterns and wow the world!


Denim capris 1

Leggings and denims are the perfect alternative for those who would rather not wear shorts. Capris will be more comfortable than ankle length jeans depending on the terrain. Alternatively, roll up the bottom of the jeans.


Denim 7

Here’s an idea – wear denim jeans, a long sleeved top and wrap a scarf, stole or shawl around the head and shoulders; and you are ready to go anywhere. In any case, before you visit a place of worship, please confirm with the hotel staff whether your ensemble fits in with their local dress code.

After reading this you will never doubt that you can carry off leggings well. Trash the idea that your figure is not perfect. Just go ahead and pamper yourself with the versatile leggings and denims.