Wish I had Known the 10 Benefits of Skipping Earlier!

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A week ago I was just browsing for some simple tips on fitness and health. What caught my attention was a write up on the benefits of skipping exercise. I remembered my childhood when owning a skipping rope meant fun. We girls were just three of us, but we would skip and skip every evening till our mothers called out that dinner was ready.

With an office job, marriage, home, kid and all that life entails, the habit of skipping was sadly left behind and forgotten. But I wish I had read this article on skipping a long time ago. Everyone I’ve met says that it would have probably prevented arthritic pain.

Dear readers, if you have a family history of arthritis, please do read this post and start skipping before you develop painful joints. Some of the advantages of skipping exercise are:

  • It is equivalent to a mile-long brisk walk,
  • It is just like running for an hour and is the best exercise for slimming,
  • The calories burnt in skipping exercise for an hour are 700,
  • Skipping benefits other parts of the body besides the legs,
  • The jolting of joints is less with skipping than running,
  • It improves blood circulation,
  • It helps teaches the body to maintain the balance at all times,
  • It makes your movements swift and agile,
  • It prevents the symptoms of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis,
  • It keeps the heart healthy.


The best way is to promise yourself a brand new wardrobe once you have lost weight. There is nothing like shopping for new clothes and accessories that can motivate a woman of 40+ to exercise. So skip for shopping!

If a wedding or some other big family function is scheduled in a few months, that’s another motivator. Why not aim at stunning all the guests with your new, slimmer and gorgeous self?!

Eat a good mix of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbs. Don’t overdo any one of the food categories over the other types. Make time for yourself by cooking fresh meals, at least the breakfast and dinner. A couple of sandwiches and yogurt for lunch are fine.

But don’t ever overdo the skipping in an attempt to slim down faster. This is a fitness idea, not a crash course for slimming; although the ultimate effect will be a slimmer you. Take a break from skipping every 4th day. That is, skip for 3 days, miss 1 day; skip for 3 days, and so on…

An exercise like skipping will also diminish the chances of you falling and get injured once you become a senior citizen. I wish….!

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