6 Step Closet-Special Workouts for Lazy Women of 40+

Easy body sculpting workout for women of 40+

Being unmotivated to exercise is not a crime. I hate any kind of regimented exercise routine. But to prevent lifestyle diseases I had to think of some activity which would compel me to exercise.

That’s when I decided to turn the boring job of cleaning a closet into a full body workout. I decided to sort out one drawer of my wardrobe per week. This is not an ideal daily routine but I did say “lazy women”. A workout once a week is better than nothing at all! So here’s my 6-step full body workout for lazy women of 40+ (and men!):


Start by cleaning the top drawer of the closet. Lay a mat/rug/blanket on the floor next to the bed.

Step 1: Let’s begin with biceps, triceps, knee joints and leg muscles.

Lift out all the paraphernalia from the topmost drawer and keep each item on the mat. The heavier the items are, the more toned will be your arm muscles. Even if you are tall, use a small stool to climb and remove each item and place on the rug.

Step 2: Pseudo bench press

Once the drawer is emptied, go tic-tac-toe and select the first box of items for sorting. Sit on the bed and push the chosen box just a few centimeters (for about 10 seconds). Repeat this process twice.

Step 3: Squats for Upper/Lower Abs and knee joints

Experts say that 3 sets of squats and 7-8 repetitions are an essential part of workouts for a sculpted body. In that case don’t pull up a chair to sit and sort out the stuff you have removed from the closet. Squat on the floor and then separate “keepables” from the junk. If you have too many things to sort out, squat for the first 5 minutes, then sit on the stool while you continue working.

Step 4: Bending and full body stretches

Once you know what goes back in the closet, it’s time for some bending exercises for the back. Don’t squat this time, but stand straight, bend forward and lift up the items you want to store in the top drawer. Now don’t use a stool to place the stuff in the closet (if possible). Instead stand on your toes, stretch upwards and keep your belongings back in place.

Step 5: Cardio

Collect the dispensable items in a garbage bag and carry it out to the trash bin. While doing so, walk at a brisk pace or at least as fast as you can. This will hardly take a few minutes but you will still be sweating at the end of it. Along with the junk, you are rid of the toxins in the body and your face is definitely glowing. If you don’t believe me just take a look in the mirror!

Throwing out the junk is the hardest part while cleaning a wardrobe. But you must harden your heart and throw anything that hasn’t been used for over a year (except personal items like albums and memorabilia).

Step 6: Eat a protein-rich salad

After you are done, treat yourself to an easy-to-make, delicious protein-rich salad. Maximum nutrients are absorbed if you eat within half an hour of completing the workout. Now curl up with a book or take a much-needed power nap.


Continue this body sculpting exercise routine till you reach the last drawer of the wardrobe. When you are removing your belongings from the bottommost drawer, naturally the workout will begin with squats. The other exercises will remain in the same order. Repeat this process with the next closet or the top drawer of the same cupboard.

Following these closet-special full body workouts have not only improved my health and complexion, but they have also helped me emotionally.

A clean closet gives you a satisfied feeling of a job well done. When your wardrobe is organized you don’t have to go through the stressful process of searching every time you need something urgently. So ladies, clean and keep fit!


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