In the month of March most families are Google-searching the best summer holiday destinations. All of us look forward to a relaxing vacation at least once a year. Many parents say that travelling with small kids can be a horrendous task! But if you plan your vacation carefully it will definitely be less stressful. Here are some easy tips for a great family vacation

START EARLY – Being early at railway stations/bus stands/airports will give you leverage in case there is a traffic jam on the way. You will also have spare time once you check in. Looking for your seats when you have small kids tagging along can be stressful. An early start gives you time to relax a little at the terminal before the rush for boarding.

INVOLVE THE CHILDRENVacation packing for children must be a collaborative effort. Involving the children from a very early age will instill a sense of responsibility. It is worth purchasing small satchels which kids can carry. They need not carry anything heavier than a small box of their favourite goodies. Also, encourage the older ones to push the luggage trolley. 

Click on the link for a tasty and nutritious snack which is perfect for kids: https://thestorytellerskitchen.com/prasadache-ladu-dry-fruit-ladoo/

CARRY FIRST-AID – When you are planning a family vacation you must also stock the first-aid kit with bandages, ointments, ear/eye drops, anti-allergy syrups, cold-cough syrups, pediatric paracetamol in case of fever, etc along with the usual medicines you carry.

PACK EXTRA SNACKS – Besides the goodies the kids are carrying in their satchels, keeping extra snacks in your hand-luggage is sensible. In case of unexpected delays the extra snacks will come in handy.

CARRY VIDEO GAMES – I wouldn’t normally recommend video games for children. But they will be your best friends while travelling. The games will ensure that your children are seated in one place and fully occupied at airport terminals/bus-train stations. It is worth the indulgence if they help to keep the children close to you in a crowded place.

TAKE SOME BOOKS – Usually kids are hyperactive when they are in a new environment like a hotel room. Carry some children’s books to read to them at bedtime. If they sleep well they will be cheerful the next day; which means an enjoyable day for you as well.

USE TRACKING DEVICESGPS tracking devices for kids are easily available online. These are wearable, the most popular kind being children’s wristwatches. They can be synchronized with your mobile phone so that you can locate your kid in case he/she is lost in the crowd.  Kid locators are available with Android as well as iOS compatibility.

Trips with kids should not be a matter of just “surviving family vacations”. It should be a time to have fun with the family in beautiful surroundings. I am convinced these tips will make your next family holiday a memorable experience. Have fun…

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