9 Lifestyle Changes For Acne Free Complexion


A clear complexion contributes towards better self esteem. Acne free skin therefore spells happiness. Spending exorbitant amounts on creams and lotions may/may not prevent acne. But these 9 lifestyle changes for acne free complexion will really work wonders:

  1. Get adequate sleep

When you are sleeping, the skin cells have time to repair damage and regenerate. The longer you keep awake, the more you are denying the skin from producing new cells and preventing abnormalities like acne. Also, hot and stuffy rooms are a no-no. Cooler rooms induce deeper sleep patterns. So if you are not doing this right, now is the time to change your habits.

  1. Wash face twice daily

Wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day preferably with a citrus-based face wash. This will not only remove grime but will also get rid of the oiliness of the skin. Oily skin aggravates the condition of acne and pimples.

  1. Eat more fruits & salads

With our busy schedules we usually prefer quick-fix meals, especially during the day. A small filling meal is what we usually go for like a meat sandwich or burger. In this way we compromise on health and skin-health. Why not eat a meat + vegetable salad for lunch instead? And don’t overdo the dressing! Substitute your mid-morning coffee with a fruit.

  1. Sweat out toxins

Go out and get more exercise. It would be ideal if you could join a yoga class or a gym. But if you don’t have time to spare, walk to the supermarket at least once a week. Half an hour’s walking in a week is definitely not adequate but it is better than no exercise. There may not be medical documentation directly linking the accumulation of toxins with acne but removing toxins will definitely cleanse the blood.

One of the most enjoyable ways to sweat out toxins is to learn dancing. Search for a Zumba or belly dancing class in your locality and have fun while you cleanse your system.

If you are using public transport to get home from work, don’t alight from the vehicle at the stop nearest to your home. Instead get down at some point which is about half an hour’s walking distance from your home and then walk the remaining distance. This will get rid of the toxins through perspiration and cleanse the system.

  1. Avoid aerated drinks and liquor

An occasional drink, maybe at weekends is fine. But daily consumption of alcohol and/or aerated drinks will not hydrate the skin like water can. Instead, increase the quantity of water you drink during the day to keep your skin soft and healthy.

  1. Wipe your gizmos often

Every evening, moisten a ball of cotton with a few drops of hand sanitizer and clean your mobile phone once a day. This will get rid of the germs that are collected on the phone during the day.

  1. Keep your scalp clean

Wash your hair at least twice a week to keep it clean. If your hair is not washed regularly, the germs on the hair will get transferred onto the face when some strands come into contact.

Avoid using leave-on conditioners because they are usually sticky. When sticky tresses touch your face you are unnecessarily taking the risk of getting a fresh breakout.

  1. Eat foods rich in Omega-3

We have all heard the numerous benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Eating foods like oily fish (salmon, tuna), flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds will keep the skin healthy and glowing without the help of creams.

  1. Exfoliate weekly

At least once a week you must exfoliate the face and neck to remove stubborn grime and dead skin cells. Dust and grime stick more easily on oily skin and if you don’t exfoliate for a long period of time, the grime will clog the pores and increase the chances of a breakout.

You value yourself and owe it to yourself to implement these 9 lifestyle changes for acne free complexion. So make a determined effort and prevent those distressing breakouts. If you already have pimples these changes will cure them too.

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