The Driving Force



Anant Chaturdashi is over. We all witnessed the thousands that thronged to bid farewell to their favorite ‘Bappa’ at Girgaum Chowpatty seashore in Mumbai and at other water bodies all over Maharashtra. What is the driving force?

The Driving Force: JOY

I was wondering what draws so many people of all ages, castes and creeds (even religions) to worship this unusual looking and unique Deity for ten whole days with matchless enthusiasm.

‘Rock’ and/or other music festivals, sports World Cups or ‘Mind, Body, Soul camps draw the same!

One common thread brings them and binds them together – they feel shared JOY.

The Deity:

Such a Deity that gives so much joy right from its creation out of ‘Shaadu clay’ to its immersion that vibrates the waters, must surely emit so much of positivity.

A renowned scientist friend from the USA once shared with us that he showed a 3 dimensional model of the carbon atom to his spiritual master, telling Her that when viewed from its left side, you could see the ‘Swastik’ while from the right, what you saw was the ‘Om’. Both symbols of Shri Ganesh!

His Guru then told him to view the same from the top and bottom. And to his amazement and awe, what showed up was that from the top, it resembled the Alpha and from the bottom, the Omega – both Symbols of Lord Jesus. She left it to him to conclude!!

Some subtle facts about Shri Ganesh:

  1. He is the Primordial Sound-the ‘Omkara’ that resonated throughout the Universe when the Adishatki-the Primordial Energy set out to Create.
  2. Shri Ganesh governs the base chakra, the Mooladhara Chakra within the human being. So, He is the root of the tree of self-knowledge.
  3. He protects His Mother Kundalini(Shri Gauri) within the Sacrum bone, from any unauthorized spiritual methods.
  4. The qualities within a devotee that please Him, are innocence (lack of guile, simplicity), chastity (in thought, word and deed) and purity.
  5. The qualities that He bestows on a devotee when pleased are wisdom (intelligence + love?), discretion and auspiciousness.
  6. He in fact, clears the path of spiritual ascent on every chakra since He grants auspiciousness to all of them. (On a material level, this auspiciousness translates as all the conditions necessary for ‘Creation’ to happen!

Interesting, isn’t it?


We see Shri Ganesh as the Eternal Child and as a ‘little’ deity.

But if we understand the meaning of the ‘Atharvasheersha’- a very powerful shloka that describes this Deity, we realize that in fact, this ‘small’ idol represents the whole of Creation! So, we all, in fact, reside within the ‘being’ of Shri Ganesh, this Driving Force!

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