Travel Clothes And Accessories For A Tropical Summer Vacation

cottonwear 2

Some of the most exotic holiday destinations, like India, are in the tropics where the heat can be extreme. Your dilemma is not just how much to carry but also what clothes to carry. So here are some very useful tips on travel clothes and accessories for a tropical summer vacation.

Clothes for the tropics

Cotton garments are the most practical in the heat but ironing can be tedious. So let’s find a sensible solution:

Tops – Synthetic sleeveless tops/spaghetti straps in white or light pastel shades will keep you cool. Carrying one long top is a good idea in case there is a dress code at some tourist attraction.


Leggings – Denims are the usual choice while travelling but in the hot tropical summers leggings are more suitable. Carry one pair each of white, beige, red and blue and mix-n-match these colours with any top.

Cotton innerwear – Cotton material lets your skin breathe. It also absorbs perspiration and keeps the skin cool. Some of us are prone to rashes and prickly heat so it’s best to wear cotton innerwear.

Denims – If you must have denims then take one pair of capris and one pair of shorts. Denims are heavy, so the more pairs you carry the bulkier your luggage will be.


Hoodie – Just 1 of these are more than enough. Sometimes it rains in the tropical summer season. If you are visiting a hill station and it begins to rain, the weather will suddenly turn chilly.

Party dress – If you are on a group tour the agents usually organise a party for the group on the last day of the trip. So get along a party dress and a few inexpensive accessories.

Accessories you will need

When choosing accessories for your summer trip into the tropical regions, comfort takes precedence over style. But again we can cater to both:


Stoles – Synthetic, lightweight stoles (maybe 3 or 4 different colours) have multiple uses while travelling:

  • You can cover your head and shoulders in the afternoon heat during sightseeing,
  • You can cover your head and shoulders while visiting a place to adhere to dress code,
  • If the evenings are too breezy and cool (but not cold enough for a sweater) a stole will come in handy,
  • And last but definitely not the least – just for style!

canvas shoes

Flat canvas slip-on shoes – These are an indispensable part of my travel gear. Canvas shoes are all-terrain and all-weather footwear and most suited for the tropics. Tying laces is tedious and a slip-on pair will save time when you are in a rush.

Slippers – At most of the religious places you have to leave the footwear outside. A simple pair of slippers will come in handy. To speak the truth, floaters are impractical on beaches or anywhere!


Sunglasses – Don’t ever forget your sunglasses when you visit the tropics in summer. Sightseeing is done in the day time and the glare can be really bad. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays and prevent headaches.

Other essentials

Three types of creams should always be a part of your travel kit when you plan a summer vacation in a tropical country:

  1. Sunscreen lotion – This should be the first on your list when you are braving the summer in the tropics.
  2. Tan removal cream – All day you plan on visiting one tourist attraction after another. The sun can be unrelenting when you are busy admiring the views and clicking pictures. A tan-removal cream applied at bedtime and left overnight will bring back the fresh look.
  3. Insect repelling cream – You will have taken the necessary shots advised by the travel agent before venturing into the tropical zone. Even so it is always advisable to carry a tube of insect repellent.


Multipurpose pen knife – Carrying a foldable penknife cum bottle opener can prove very useful. Keep it in your check-in luggage during air travel or it will be confiscated. Transfer it to your tote bag while sightseeing.

Of course, you will drink plenty of water, juices and cold soups to keep cool I am sure. I have given some more tips in a previous post “7 Beauty Essentials While Travelling”. Enjoy your tropical summer vacation and let me know whether this post helped.




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