Senior Living Communities In India

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As a senior citizen enters the portals of a home for the aged, he either stoops down as if losing that last bit of dignity and self-sufficiency. Or he walks slowly with his head held upright, surveying his new home and trying to feel ‘at home’ so that he can settle down as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.


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These days there are several options that seniors (or their children, on their behalf) can explore for a happy life, post retirement :

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Continuing Care (CCRC)
  • Nursing Care
  • Home Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Respite Care-Short Term Stay


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Although the list below is not all-comprehensive, it serves to show that the concept of senior living communities is catching on, in India.

The Association of Senior Living India (ASLI), a voluntary membership association is meant to coordinate between developers and service providers that operate in the senior living industry, with the end users. ASLI also pegs the current demand for senior housing in India is about 3,12,000 units.

A few leading projects in India include:

In some cases, there’s an option of a lifetime lease, wherein residents receive a title deed to live in the apartment for the rest of their lives. Herein, one can also bequeath it to one’s children, who can live there after they turn 55. There are other financial options as well.

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Senior living is for the most part, about caring. Every resident needs to feel cherished. Senior living communities aim to ensure that their every need is fulfilled, right from physical health to a perfectly balanced care of mind, body and spirit. All activities, both individual and collective, are meant to enhance and promote their holistic well being.


Today, the younger working population often moves out of the family home or even permanently out of the country due to education and career choices. Again, in some cases, couples have no children or younger relatives that they can turn to. Or they may just wish to be independent! Senior living communities are therefore the need of the day and we see more and more people exploring this route for ‘seamless’ post-retirement living.

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