burnt out mom burnt out mom businesswoman

If you are a burnt out mom, this is just what you need. You have gone through different phases of being a mom – from compulsive zealot, to exhausted drudge and on to resentful living martyr! You don’t get free time for any of the fun things you did before the kids came along. Here are some ideas to bring back that spark in your eyes; and you can change from a burnt out mom to a home based businesswoman.


A hobby? How will that make you a businesswoman. Patience! Did you like photography as a teenager? Do you have a collection of your pictures? Recollect the activities you enjoyed most in your teens and as a young adult.

Now decide what time of the day is slightly slack? Is it at 11 AM when you are alone at home and most of your morning chores are done? Then keep that time of the day for your hobby. The idea is to incorporate it into your daily schedule. Discuss it with your family and get their insights on what would be a fun thing to do.

Be creative and experiment with your hobby so that you have some samples ready. For example (depending on your hobby) crochet patterns, pencil sketches, paintings, artwork from recycled plastic, making showpieces from old newspapers or grocery bags, etc. If it’s photography, sort, categorise and organise the pictures into albums, and so on…


Let us now presume that you have sufficient experience to turn your hobby into a business. What you need to do is:

  • Simplify your household chores so that you have a little more time to devote to the budding business,
  • Keep a few samples of your work ready (or digital images) to show prospective customers,
  • Publicise your talents through relations and friends,
  • Put up images on Instagram with a note about your business,
  • Publicise it on your social media profiles.


The hobby ideas suggested below are those that I have actually witnessed. Many women among my friends and acquaintances were once overworked mommies but are now running successful home based businesses:


paper craft 2 paper craft 3

You are probably wondering if I am crazy! But a friend of mine, Rachna, has just turned her paper craft hobby into a very lucrative business. She started out by just making greetings cards for relatives and friends. Then she got orders for making gift articles like pictures frames and also for gift wrapping. She is now a specialist in gift-wrapping wedding trousseau and return gifts. Her children are in college and she has a full time successful career in her home-office.



My cousin Prabha has always been self conscious about her looks and was very well groomed. But when the children came along she let herself go. She felt depressed and a feeling of uselessness was setting in.

Fortunately, destiny came to the rescue! Our college mate asked if Prabha would apply makeup for her. She had a wedding to attend and couldn’t get an appointment at her usual salon. That was a big opportunity! Prabha has never looked back ever since. Today, she runs a full-fledged home beauty salon.

I have also suggested other lucrative hobbies like photography, home based catering services, and personal grooming classes in my previous posts under “Hobbies”.

So ladies, please make time for yourself. Evolve from a burnt out mom to a successful home based businesswoman. You owe it to yourself…


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