Elegant woman

As hobbies go, personal grooming classes would be real fun. Your well-groomed appearance will be your own advertisement. Just spread the word around among your relations and friends that you will be conducting classes at home.

If someone requires advice and assistance with their personal grooming, they are obviously doing something wrong. But a teenager or woman may also need advice on grooming just to look different, not necessarily because they look shabby.


Most women neglect their appearance because they do not have time for themselves with work, home, and family responsibilities. Some teenagers are too tied up with college and sports/social activities to give due attention to their appearance. Lack of grooming shows in the form of:

  • Overused and faded clothes,
  • Untidy hairstyle,
  • Collars and sleeves that show wear and tear,
  • Untreated skin patches,
  • Torn stockings,
  • Un-ironed clothes,
  • Mismatched outfits,
  • Dirty and shapeless finger & toe nails, etc.


Every prospective student will require a customized grooming package. But here are some general guidelines for the curriculum:

Chapter 1 – Face

The first thing that people notice is the face. A clear complexion will create a good impression. This should be handled in two ways:

  1. Skin care advice by skin type for long term effect, like the appropriate use of sunscreen lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, toners, etc.
  2. Method to use concealers and corrective makeup.

Advice them about adequate water intake and proper sleep cycles too.

Chapter 2 – Hair

Tackling the hair problem is a three or four step process. You have to teach:

  • How to shape eyebrows to suit the face,
  • Removing unwanted hair for a smooth skin,
  • Washing and conditioning hair at regular intervals,
  • Getting their roots touched up regularly for a smart appearance.

The hairstyle would depend on the shape of the face. One rule will not fit all. Whether the student is an undergrad, working professional or a homemaker; she will need a shoulder-length low-maintenance hairstyle.

Emphasise the cardinal rule of elegance – never style, comb, scratch, brush or tie up your hair in public.

Chapter 3 – Body posture

Postures and gestures are also observed by people around you. Smooth movements look more elegant than jerky and rough actions.

Slouching is very, very bad. The grooming course should include a basic exercise routine that the students need to follow in order to develop a slim, well-toned body. A good posture also helps to eliminate common problems like headaches, listlessness and back ache.

Here’s an idea – add a few sessions of ballet dancing as part of the personal grooming class.

Chapter 4 – Nails

Dirty nails give the impression that the person is slipshod by nature. Teach your students easy home manicure and pedicure. Give them tips on which kits to buy and which colours would suit their personality the best.

Chapter 5: Makeup

Corrective makeup is used to hide skin blemishes for a well groomed look. Smudgy makeup will surely defeat the purpose. Teach some light-toned makeup for the day time and a little bolder makeup with eyeshadow and glitter for the evenings.

Chapter 6: Dress

Dressing well is in intrinsic part of being well groomed. Wearing well tailored outfits makes a huge difference. Coach each student individually on what suits their shape, age, personality the best.

If being well groomed is part of your basic nature, why not bring your knowledge to good use? Start personal grooming classes at home at the weekends. You will help those in need of a boost to their self esteem and make some extra money on the side.


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