Herbal tea 2

This year the Indian monsoon is more intense resulting in incidences of respiratory infections in children and adults alike. Many of my friends have been asking if there is a home remedy to prevent colds. Here is a wonderful herbal tea for acute respiratory infections that I discovered in my great grandmother’s old recipe book. So let’s PREVENT BEFORE WE NEED A CURE!

Preventive herbal tea for influenza

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Makes 1 cup of strong concentrate

Should be diluted while using (see method)

Herbal tea 1

Dry ingredients

2 cloves (laung)

2 peppercorns (kali miri)

Wet ingredients

4-5 Indian basil (tulsi)

1 stem of lemon grass (gavti chai)

1/2 inch ginger grated (adrak)

2 cups of water

Method for the herbal concentrate:

In 2 cups water add the dry and wet ingredients and boil till the quantity reduces to half, approximately 1 cup.

Keep aside. Strain after an hour and use as needed.

Method for herbal tea:

Prepare 1 cup of very mild black tea without milk or sugar. Use unflavoured tea leaves.

Add 1 tsp honey and stir. (Diabetics can skip this step)

Add the concentrate in the appropriate dosage, stir and drink it as hot as possible.

Dosage of concentrate:

Add 1 tsp of the concentrate (for children above 5 years)

Add 1 tbsp of the concentrate for adults in a cup of your usual black tea.

**Add ¼ tsp of the concentrate for children below 5 years.

This concentrate works like magic and prevents chest congestion that might lead to serious respiratory diseases. Despite preventive interventions children as well as adults are prone to frequent respiratory illnesses. Risk factors for colds like air pollution and fluctuating weather conditions add to our woes. Herbal tea prevents chest congestion in a smooth and effective manner. Stay healthy and stay blessed!


* Ideally, you must keep a gap of 3-4 hours before having it again.

** For children below 5 years consult the paediatrician before experimenting with home remedies.

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