‘Frustration leads to Aggression.’ I was perusing the Psychology course-book that I’d recently bought for my classes and came upon the frustration–aggression–displacement theory by *Dollard-Miller and Effects of Frustration by **Dill-Andarson.

.And I remembered the incident with the group of my friends, where I had suddenly erupted in a rage when one of them said something nasty about my girl-friend. I had punched him hard then; much to my chagrin later. Thank God I apologised to him and he graciously accepted my regrets about the whole incident.

Well, after’stewing’ in my thoughts all day, I came to certain conclusions about the main enemies within myself that cause frustration, especially during this transition from adolescence to adulthood:

Adolescent  angst

Teenage 1

  1. Licentious thoughts: The raging hormones are not just responsible for the change in my appearance and voice.They change the way I view the opposite sex and create those urges that nature has made essential for the future of the human race! But which, when thwarted, leads to lust-and unwholesome thoughts. Movies, serials, computer games aggravate this situation. Then follows guilt and fear of censure. So how does one handle that?
  2. Anger: Thwarted desires- knee jerk reaction-anger and rage. Anything that goes against the fledgling ‘ego’, anything that challenges the conditioning ‘learnt’ from parents,teachers and peers makes me so furious that I could burst! Over-reaction? Why-of course!
  3. Avarice: That new I pod, the fastest laptop, my friend’s dad’s new car, someone’s fashionable clothes are just few of the things that evoke greed, it’s not just about food!
  4. Temptation: The next level: Temptation! I have stolen that skull-ring that my friend left on the wash basin counter in the change room. And such other knickknacks that don’t cause concern. I know this is wrong. So then, what??
  5. Envy: I feel jealous of just about anyone who, according to me has got ‘a better deal’. Can’t get rid of these thoughts.
  6. Restlessness: I feel unable to ‘forgive and forget’ and as a result, I am often unable to think positively. There is a constant anxious feeling gnawing in my belly.
  7. Fear: Like most of my friends, I have made some plans for my future. But when I think of the unknown, uncharted future, my stomach ties itself up in knots.

The Key:

Teenage 2

There is no quick-fix solution for this adolescent angst, which of course is not peculiar to me alone. (It merely manifests as different behaviours in different teenagers.)

For regaining my equanimity, I turn to:

  1. My family who are more like my friends just seem to understand me at every moment.
  2. My friends, of whom I am lucky to have a decent lot.
  3. My teachers, who guide me for my career and my gym and sports coaches, who insist on daily exercise, proper food, rest and sleep.
  4. Good inspirational books, thanks to my mom’s library.
  5. Some excellent programs on TV and the internet.
  6. Above all, those few moments of daily bonding between my Creator and me. This reinforces the ‘feel good factor’ within me!


My aim: To personally negate- ‘Frustration leads to Aggression.’ I am pretty sure that I’ll succeed!


*Dollard, John; Doob, Leonard W; Miller, Neal E; Mowrer, Orval Hobart; Sears, Robert R (1939).Frustration and Aggression. New Haven, CT, US: Yale University Press.OCLC 256003.

**Dill, J. C.; Anderson, C. A. (1995). “Effects of Frustration-Justification on Hostile Aggression”. Aggressive Behavior 21 (5): 359–369. doi:10.1002/1098-2337(1995)21:5<359::aid-ab2480210505>;2-6

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