Doodle Fruit Games 2016 by Google – Fruit Fun For Kids


Doodle Games 2016 2 Doodle Games 2016

Ever seen a company that cashes in on current events, makes life fun and leaves a subtle message – that eating fruits is a good thing? As usual Google leads, with the Doodle Fruit Games 2016 which was just launched yesterday. The game coincides very neatly with the scheduled Rio Olympic Games.

A preview of the game is available on YouTube at:

The game starts with a bang, with strawberry rushing to finish the race.  The jumpy coconut, lemony lemon, and prickly pineapple are all waiting to block the strawberry’s progress. A grape is green with envy and the Blueberry is swinging in excitement. The big, big Watermelon is rolling after the little strawberry in hot pursuit! Do you think the strawberry will make it?

Kids will surely have a fruit salad with the strawberry on top, won’t they? Why not download it from App Store and find out? The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

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