Ancient Beauty Secrets of Honey Revealed



Guest blogger: Neena Vilas Talpade

I am standing near the window, enjoying my mug of lemon ginger honey tea, gazing at the small patch of greenery, quite rare in metros! The office music system is softly playing an old English song with its clichéd refrains of ‘Honey, honey’.

As I gaze at the trees outside, I observe a honey bee sizing up the window ledge for a prospective hive. Suddenly it clicks! Honey-that wonder of nature!

And I sit down to pen some of the ‘ ancient beauty secrets of honey’ revealed to us by our mums and grandmothers. A healthy mind in a healthy body.But equally- an enchanting appearance in a healthy body! And honey is truly one of the wonders of nature that does this.

honey 1

How honey benefits the ‘exterior’

Raw honey is chemical free and natural. It is a great friend of our skin in so many ways.

It prevents bacterial skin infections, including that bane of most women – acne;

It fast-tracks healing, including sunburn.

It has substantial skin-saving antioxidants, which deter aging, putting a halt to the ravages of time on our appearance.

Its silky, viscous texture that captures the moisture into the skin makes your skin as soft as a baby’s.

It is an excellent skin cleanser and exfoliates the skin. Who doesn’t want a soft, glowing complexion?!

It fades scars and can be used to lighten hair.

The humectant properties of honey help to moisturize hair. Besides, it is said to strengthen hair follicles. Result: A healthy head of hair.

It is a wonderful moisturizer that can even be used for cuticles, hair or…even the entire body.


Here’s a tried and tested fragrant, natural and ‘instant’ moisturizer, to use just before that special date:

Rose Water and Honey: Mix a teaspoonful of rose water with a teaspoonful of raw honey. Add a drop of jojoba oil or lavender oil. Mix it thoroughly. Dab it all over your face and lightly rub for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water. The glow will be visible even after the make-up!

Now let us turn to the ‘Interior’

Honey is nature’s energy booster that gives instant energy. Of course, we all love to see that ‘livewire’ bursting with life and energy!

It is an immunity builder.  Its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties help improve the digestive system and helps in keeping healthy and fighting disease. And we do know the correlation between a healthy tummy and a healthy skin.

It is known to boost brain function, including cognition. And thus, enhancing one’s personality!

Well then, let’s see this traditional recipe, useful for skin, throat, etc.:

Turmeric Latte: Add  1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder to 3/4 cup milk. Boil. Allow to settle for a minute and strain. Add a teaspoonful raw honey. Sip while hot. (Licorice powder or root can be added while boiling to give a sweet, heady aroma!)

The alchemy by which flower nectar is made into honey by the ‘busy’ bee is truly amazing. No wonder then that ‘the beauty secrets of honey’- that sweet elixir, has excited the palates of humans since ancient times.


Free images courtesy unsplash.

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