amateur photography

Everyone’s been praising your vacation pictures and selfies. Why not turn this talent of amateur photography into something lucrative? You don’t need to leave your regular job to pursue a small side business at weekends. Just use your imagination, a little bit of creativity and slowly you will be a pro.


Make a list of all your relatives, their relatives, friends and their friends. There! You have a good number of potential clients to showcase your talents. The next thing is a good camera. Your mobile phone camera will not give a really professional touch to the photos.

DSLR camera

It will be profitable to invest in a DSLR camera of a good brand. A super-fast camera with auto focus capability is all you need. Many brands are available at prices as low as $55. Check out some at the National Camera Exchange site. Once you are done with the photo shoot give it to a nearby photo studio for creating a CD or video as per the client’s choice.


wedding photography

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY – The best place to start your part time career as an amateur photographer is by offering to take pictures of weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, school/college social or sports events, etc. Spread the word amongst your relations and friends that you are willing to take pictures of events for a reasonable fee. For sports events you will require a tripod to place the camera for better results so don’t venture into it at the start.


PORTFOLIO CREATION – This requires a little more creative skills than clicking at functions. Portfolios are usually required by aspiring models or actors. They want to portray a particular image of themselves. They are banking on your photos to launch their careers. So if you are up for the challenge, go ahead and create some wonderful photo albums (portfolios) for those young aspirants among your acquaintances.

Product 1

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – Photographing products is the exact antithesis of portfolios. Creativity steps aside for technical skills of the photographer. You should practice a bit at home with different home appliances for shadow effects and angles. It’s a bit like still life sketching.

Products can be anything from food and beverages, consumer durables, metal products, electronics and peripherals, garments, gardening, etc. You will have to take a call on the best way to project the image of the product. How does the seller want to portray the product and who are his potential customers? The pictures must appeal to the targeted buyers.

portraits 1

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY – This is different from portfolios. Both types of photography involve some knowledge of light-shadow effects, profiles, postures, etc. But portraits are usually close-ups. There is no room for even the slightest error. Of course, you can download Adobe Photoshop and tweak the images a bit. But if you want to improve your talent as a photographer, use this option only at the start of your part time career.


There is no standard fee when you are just starting out as an amateur photographer.  Ask around and find out how much others are charging and offer a competitive rate. You can throw in a freebie in the price – something like a printout of their favourite image with lamination.

Amateur photography can be the most enjoyable and lucrative hobby for a woman of 40 plus. It also gives you an opportunity to make new friends and lead a more fulfilling life. Life is more than just 9-5 weekday drudgery. Now you have something special to look forward to every weekend, and earn from it too. So go ahead and click, click, click…


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